The Stanford
Blockchain Seminar

A monthly seminar focusing on the latest research and ideas in the blockchain space. This seminar series is co-hosted with the Future of Digital Currency Initiative.

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Streaming/recordings: Some talks are streamed via Zoom, and/or their recordings can be found on YouTube.

Upcoming Seminar Talks

  • Friday, February 17, 2023,   2:15pm PT -- POSTPONED, NEW DATE/TIME/LOCATION WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!


    Sergey Gorbunov, U. of Waterloo & Axelar

    Location: Packard 202

Past Talks

  • February 14, 2023,   11am PT


    Vasiliy Shapovalov, Lido

    Location: Zoom -- Recording (TBD)

  • December 13, 2022,   4:15pm PT

    Proof-of-Solvency: security models, privacy guarantees and the future

    Craig Newbold, Proven

    Location: Gates 498 and Zoom -- Recording

  • December 6, 2022,   4:15pm PT

    Constructions in Chialisp

    Bram Cohen

    Location: Gates 498 and Zoom -- Recording

  • November 29, 2022,   4:15pm PT

    Scroll design, architecture, and challenges

    Ye Zhang, Scroll

    Location: Zoom (see link above) -- Recording

  • November 18, 2022,   1pm PT

    Scaling Decentralized Trust through Databases

    Natacha Crooks, UC Berkeley

    Location: Gates 498 and Zoom

  • November 3, 2022,   4:15pm PT

    What can we learn from four years of attacks on Decentralized Finance?

    Arthur Gervais

    Location: Gates 498 and Zoom -- Recording

  • October 25, 2022,   4:15pm PT

    Comprehensive Security Strategy in Web3

    Christian Seifert, Forta

    Location: Zoom -- Recording

  • July 28, 2022,   10am PT    (note the unusual time)

    Recursive STARKs with Cairo

    Avihu Levy and Shahar Papini, Starkware

    Location: Gates 498 and Zoom -- Recording

  • June 7, 2022,   4:15pm

    Asynchronous Data Dissemination and its Applications

    Sourav Das, UIUC

    Location: Gates 498 -- Recording

  • May 31, 2022,   4:15pm

    Testing Cryptocurrency’s Anti-Money Laundering Laws

    Karen Nershi, Stanford Internet Observatory

    Location: Gates 498 -- Recording

  • May 27, 2022,   12:00pm (noon)

    Byzantine Fault Tolerance with Dynamic Participation

    Ling Ren, UIUC

    Location: Packard 202 -- Recording

  • May 24, 2022,   4:15pm

    Subspace: A solution to the farmer’s dilemma

    Jeremiah Wagstaff, Subspace

    Location: Gates 498 -- Recording

  • May 10, 2022,   4:15pm

    RISC Zero: General Purpose Zero-Knowledge Computation

    Brian Retford, Risc0

    Location: Gates 498 -- Recording

  • April 26, 2022,   4:15pm

    Conservative Design for Threshold Signing Protocols

    Yehuda Lindell, Coinbase

    Location: Packard 202

  • April 12, 2022,   4:15pm

    Zef: Low-latency, Scalable, Private Payments

    Mathieu Baudet is CEO and Founder at Zefchain Labs

    Location: Gates 498 -- Recording

  • May 19, 2021,   3pm

    How Celo’s mobile-first technology is being used to create an inclusive financial system

    Xochitl Cazador and Tim Moreton

    Location: zoom

  • May 12, 2021,   3pm

    Decentralized Finance: A Toolkit for Policy-Makers

    Kevin Werbach

    Location: zoom

  • Feb., 7, 2020,   4:15pm

    WebAssembly for Assembling the Non-Web.

    Andreas Rossberg

    Location: Gates 463 A

  • Jan., 13, 2020,   4:15pm

    The evolution of Ouroboros: A proof-of-stake implementation of Nakamoto’s vision.

    Vassilis Zikas

    Location: Gates 463 A

  • Oct. 3rd, 2019,   4:15pm

    Using Hash Chains as a Source of Time Before Consensus  [abstract]

    Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana Labs

    Location: Allen 101X

  • August, 13rd, 2019,   4:15pm

    Fully Homomorphic NIZK and NIWI Proofs (Paper)

    Apoorvaa Deshpande

    Location: Gates 463 A

  • July, 23rd, 2019,   4:15pm

    Flexible Byzantine Fault Tolerance

    Kartik Nayak


    Location: Gates 463 A

  • July 2nd, 2019,   4:15pm

    Foundations of Differentially Oblivious Algorithms

    Elaine Shi, Cornell

    Location: Gates 463A

  • June 3rd, 2019,   4:15pm

    Zero Knowledge proofs in ethereum; what we are doing, what we want to do

    Barry Whitehat

    Location: Gates 104

  • May 8th, 2019,   4:15pm

    Prism: Operating Blockchains Near Physical Limits

    Vivek Bagaria (Stanford)

    Location: Gates 206

  • Apr. 15, 2019,   4:15pm

    Sonic: Zero-Knowledge SNARKs from Linear-Size Universal and Updateable Structured Reference Strings

    Mary Maller (UCL)

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • Feb. 15, 2019,   4:15pm

    Interledger: The internet with value

    Scott Stuart

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • Jan. 23, 2019,   4:15pm

    Tendermint: Byzantine-fault tolerant state machine replication

    Jae Kwon (Tendermint)

    Location: Shriram Center 104   [map]

  • Nov. 29th, 2018,   4:15pm

    The chilling effect of Cold-Storage

    Diogo Monica (Anchor Labs)

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • Nov. 8th, 2018,   4-6pm

    She256 blockchain event

    • Sarah Meiklejohn   (University College London)
      QuisQuis: A New Design for Anonymous Cryptocurrencies
    • Dawn Song   (U.C. Berkeley)
      The Oasis project

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • Oct. 23, 2018,   4:15pm

    Security for a $1T wallet

    Mike Belshe, BitGo

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • Sep. 27th, 2018,   4:15pm

    Taproot, Graftroot and G'root  [slides]

    Pieter Wuille

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • August 8th, 2018,   4:15pm to 5:30pm

    RapidChain: Scaling Blockchain via Robust Sharding   [slides,   paper]

    Mahdi Zamani,    Visa Research

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • July 25th, 2018,   4:15pm

    Coda: Recursive Composition of SNARKs for a Compact Cryptocurrency

    Izaak Meckler,    CTO of O(1) labs

    Location: Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Room 101X   [map]

  • July 6th, 2018,   4:15pm

    The data availability problem   [slides]

    Joseph Poon

    Location: Gates Computer Science Building, Room 104