The Stanford Center for
Blockchain Research


The Center for Blockchain Research (CBR) is a focused research effort on crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies. The center brings together engineering, law, and economics faculty, as well as post-docs, students, and visitors, to work on technical challenges in the field. The center's primary mission is to support the thriving ecosystem by developing new technologies needed to advance the field. Beyond its research mission, the center runs an extensive education and outreach program, including on-campus courses, MOOCs, workshops, and conferences for the general blockchain community.



The 6th Stanford Blockchain Conference (SBC) will take place on Aug. 28-30, 2023.

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New Research

Blockchain Seminar

A monthly research seminar on blockchain topics. The schedule is available online. Please join our mailing list, on the seminar home page, to receive talk announcements.

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  • Dan Boneh   (co-director)
    Cryptography Professor of Computer science. Cryptography for blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
  • Clark Barrett
    Professor of Computer Science. Tools for verifying smart contracts
  • Joe Grundfest
    Professor of Law and Business, former SEC Commissioner. Regulation of crypto and ICOs.
  • Laurie Hodrick
    A. Barton Hepburn Professor Emerita of Business. Blockchains and next generation financial services.
  • David Mazières   (co-director)
    Professor of Computer Science. Consensus, core blockchain abstractions, and applications to computer security.
  • John Mitchell
    Mary and Gordon Crary Family Professor of Computer Science. Programming languages for blockchains and smart contracts.
  • Andrew Hall
    Professor of Political Science. Specializing in DAO governance and voting.
  • David Tse
    Thomas Kailath and Guanghan Xu Professor of Electrical Engineering. Scalable consensus protocols.

Education and Outreach


  • CS251: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The course covers decentralized applications, consensus protocols, cryptography, and security used in blockchain systems. The course is intended for advanced undergraduate Computer Science students as well as graduate students.
  • CS255: Cryptography. The course is an undergraduate introduction to cryptography and its correct use in real world systems. The course is intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students.
  • EE374: Scaling blockchains. The course explains how to design blockchains that are decentralized and secure, and at the same time have scalable performance.
  • MOOC: Free online cryptography course open to the public. The course provides an overview of cryptography and its correct use in real world systems. The course is self contained.
  • Textbook: Free online graduate textbook on applied cryptography. The textbook covers all things cryptographic.

Outreach Activities

  • The Stanford Blockchain Conference

    Following the success of the previous Stanford blockchain conferences in 2022, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017, the next conference will be held on Aug. 28-30 2023, at Stanford University.

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  • The Stanford DAO Symposium

    A three day online event (May 2-4, 2022) exploring all aspects of DAOs: building a DAO, growing the community, DAO governance, and much more.

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  • Blockchain Seminar

    A monthly seminar on the latest projects and blockchain research. The seminar is open to the public.

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  • The Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law and Policy

    A journal for articles on policy and legal issues about blockchains.

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The center's research mission is focused on technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. We work on research topics that support the thriving ecosystem of projects.

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The center is supported by the leading projects and funds in the space.